ROAD MAP Content planned for the 2nd Closed Beta and progress on the roadmap.
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1 Main progress

Closed Beta Entries

Sending keys and activations for 10,000 users.

2 Main progress

Closed Beta Launch

Data related to this section will be updated.

3 Character Creation

Customization Options

With over 100 bones and textures, detailed character customization is available with hair, eye, skin texture and color settings.

4 World Map

Navigation and Exploration

Villages, towns, monster locations, paths, some dungeons and special NPCs can be seen and marked on the map; auto-run can only be used on paths.


Skills and Weapons

There are 10 different weapon types and a total of 100 active and 300 passive skills for each weapon type.


Skill Books

Skills can be reinforced with skill books and SP, using a progressive book system for each active skill.

7 Skill Stones

Skills Strengthening

Gems are used to add new stats to active skills, adding new skill-specific stats, and the gems themselves have their own levels.

8 Character and Statistics

Development and Management

It includes information about character development, stat points from leveling up, inventory management, storage and sorting of items, inventory weight, number of slots and costumes.



It includes the ability to create or join a clan, authorize and name members, edit clan flag and ally flags, clan passives, clan storage, clan quests, clan terrain, clan wars and clan stronghold management.

10 Pets


Booster and collector pets have the ability to collect items from monsters, use in crafting, evolve and grow pets.

11 Mounts


The horses obtained from the wild have features such as grades, the coordination and knowledge required to catch a stronger horse, the leveling and mating of horses.

12 Individual Home

Home Rental and Decoration

There is content to rent differently designed houses in cities and decorate their interiors, add cooks, alchemists, armor and weapon production workbenches to the houses.

13 Field Leasing

Farming and Livestock

Lease fields near the city of various sizes to plant crops and take care of animals; directly related to the farming and livestock system.

14 Building System

Construction and Settlement

Build homes and massive settlements within designated large blocks, individual or clan-based construction, crafting processes, livestock farming, and agriculture in the area.

15 Sky Rifts

Combat and Resource Collection

Fight creature waves that appear at specific map locations to collect parts for weapon and armor production.

16 Woodcutting

Production and Resource Gathering

Cut various trees in 4 different biomes for production; each profession has its own level and specific tools.

17 Mining

Mining and Resource Gathering

Mine various ores in 4 different biomes for production; each profession has its own level and specific tools.

18 Harvesting

Plant Collection and Production

Collect plants from different biomes for production using a special sickle for harvesting.

19 Fishing

Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

Fishing in freshwater and saltwater sources; different fish species for each water type, special maritime vessels required for deep-sea fishing.

20 Hunting

Hunting and Production

Hunt 22 different types of game animals specific to biomes; use obtained meat, horns, bones, skin, and wool for production.

21 Cooking

Meal and Enhancer Production

Produce hundreds of different meals and enhancers; prepared foods grant special powers to characters, provide nutrition for pets and mounts.

22 Alchemy

Potion and Beverage Production

Prepare special potions and drinks with materials gathered from nature; used to overcome challenges in the world of Quinfall.

23 WeaponSmithing

Weapon Production

Produce weapons of various levels and grades with materials gathered from rifts and nature.

24 ArmorSmithing

Armor Production

Produce armors of various levels and grades with materials gathered from rifts and nature.

25 Husbandry

Animal Care and Product Obtaining

Care for and feed animals captured from nature on the farm, obtain products from them.

26 Farming

Farming and Harvesting

Plant seeds obtained from plants in the field and harvest them when the time comes; directly linked to the field leasing system.

27 Treasure Hunting

Treasure Finding and Opening

Open randomly hidden chests and hidden dungeon treasures throughout the universe to obtain valuable items.

28 Caravan Carrier

Transportation and Defense

Use elephants, camels, donkeys, and oxen to transport goods, defend against thieves, consider reactions and speeds varying by biome.

29 Caravan Thief

Theft and Trading

Steal goods from caravan carriers using a donkey, sell stolen goods at a fair price; group hunting strategies are important in this profession.

30 Hourly Battle

PvP Events

Participate in PvP events that occur hourly with automatic matchmaking system; includes three game modes: Flag Carrying, Tower Defense, and Death Match.

31 Sea Content

Sea Caravan

Players can sail freely on the seas with their own ships, battle sea creatures and enemy player ships, and enhance their ships.

32 Rain-Affected Areas

Natural Disasters and Interactions

Some areas become submerged under water after rainfalls, affecting dungeon entrances and other game dynamics.

33 Comprehensive Gathering System

Resource Collection and Regeneration

Players can collect all resources found in the terrain; resources within building limits do not regenerate, but those outside regenerate over time.

34 Options

Game Settings

Players can customize HUD settings, dimensions, graphics and sound settings, shortcuts, names, and voice chat.

35 Daily and Repetitive Tasks

Main Tasks and Routines

Players are provided daily and repetitive tasks that offer rewards and in-game advantages.

36 Tutorial Screen

In-Game Guidance

Provides new players with information about the game's basic mechanics and features through an interactive tutorial screen.

37 Party System

Group Formation and Management

Allows players to form groups with other players to undertake tasks and overcome challenges together.

38 Grade System

Item Grading

A system that determines the quality and performance of items, offering players the opportunity to choose more powerful equipment.

39 Items

Armors, Bags, Weapons, Accessories

Provides players with various types and grades of armors for protection, bags to increase carrying capacity, weapons for combat activities, and accessories that enhance player attributes or provide special abilities.

40 Material System

Drops from Monsters

Materials that drop from monsters whose sole function is to be sold to quest NPCs in exchange for money. Coins drop instead of these items.

41 Power Cards

Character Empowerment

Cards that grant special powers to characters.

42 Time Gate Event

Team-Based Combat

At specific times of the day, two teams of 10 players each battle both monsters and each other to win rewards.

43 Worker System

Resource Gathering

Randomly select workers from thousands of options, send them to designated points on the map to gather loot.

44 Level Rewards

Level Progression

A simple system that provides rewards as players level up to help them.

45 In-Game Stay Points

Time-Based Rewards

Accumulate time spent in the game; these points can be used to spin a wheel and win valuable rewards.

46 Layered Tower

Individual Trial and Rewards

Allows players to test themselves individually and earn increasing rewards as they pass each level of the tower.

47 Sky War

Clan and Individual Combat

A weekly event where clans and individual players compete to defeat a Massive Boss in a designated area.

48 Dynamic Skill Passives

Environmentally Enhanced Power

Your active skills' passives are now influenced by factors such as night, day, sun, indoor spaces, climates, snowfall, rain, adding more power to your active skills.

49 Daily Login Rewards

Special Rewards

Users have the chance to own special rewards by logging in throughout the month.

50 Tame System

Animal Domestication

You can domesticate animals like horses, cows, and goats using lassos and mini-games.

51 VFX Development

Modification and updating of skill effects.

52 Territories and Parcel Wars

Users can attack houses, mansions, and castles in the red parcel area.

53 Defender and Attacker Vehicles

Development and activation of vehicles like cannons, flame vehicles, golems, etc.

54 Castle Wars

Completion and adaptation of strategic castle wars.

55 City and Tavern Management

Management and regulation of taxes, tavern operations, tavern crafts, and mini-games related to castle wars.

56 Clan System Expansion

Activation of clan wars, addition of clan passives, and clan quests.

57 Dungeons

Activation of underwater and other dungeons.

58 World Boss

Activation of hourly and daily bosses.

59 Individual Shop System

Shop system where players can rent and display products within city inns.

60 Ship Wars

Completion of all ship and sailor content.

61 Transportation Vehicles

Intercity travel with zeppelins and hot air balloons.

62 Transportation Profession

Profession system allowing players to transport other players to desired locations.

63 Real Workers

Utilize the labor and time of your friends in Quinfall by signing contracts with other players.

64 Tags and Achievements

Title system for displaying specified achievements.

65 Ranking System

View rankings in various classes and earn rewards periodically based on them.

66 Monster Classification System

Spending more time with any monster increases your relationship with it and provides more drops.

67 Quinfall Season

Quinfall Season is a competitive event where level 50 players can form teams or join random teams, earn rank points and rankings, and participate in live PVP events with rewards for a certain period.

68 Olympic War

Weekly 1v1 arena battles determine the hero of the week who receives rewards. The hero's statue is displayed in all major cities for a week.

69 Traveling Merchant

A traveling merchant's cart, which appears at certain times on paths near enemy territories, can sell useful items and objects to players.

70 Exploration Points and Exploration Book System

Points you can earn by discovering certain professions, levels, quests, and other elements in the game. These points can unlock character passives and special powers.

71 Collective Caravan System

Content that allows the normal caravan to be done in a turn-based manner with other players.

72 Card Game and Deck System

Play betting card games with other players or NPCs and build your own decks.

73 Marriage System

Marry other players and gain various bonuses.

74 Universe

Land and Settlements

2016KM2 terrain with 4 biomes, 18 major cities, 33 villages, 9 port cities, 36 portals, 50+ treasure rooms, land and undersea dungeons, 500+ rifts, numerous forests, lakes, streams and mountains.

75 Season Cycle

Natural Events and Variables

It has seasonal transitions, vegetation that changes according to the weather and species suitable for hunting, species adapted to different waters in lakes and seas, wet weather events, and wind strength and direction dynamics that affect ship navigation.