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Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and conditions govern the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters between the game and users of the game service (hereinafter referred to as "Members") and Vawraek Technology Inc., its subsidiaries and/or affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "Vawraek" or the "Company") regarding the use of the game and accompanying services (which includes all game-related services provided by the Company, such as the game's websites, forums, etc.; hereinafter referred to as "Game Services").


Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

1) The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are set out below.

"User Agreement" means the agreement between the Company and the Members regarding the use of the gaming service provided by the Company.

"Vawraek Gaming Service User" (hereinafter referred to as "Members") means a person who can use the Company's gaming service with the account provided after signing and publishing the User Agreement in accordance with the procedure established by the Company.

"Vawraek Gaming Services" (hereinafter referred to as "Gaming Services") means the games and all related services provided by the Company to Members.

"Game World" means a variable virtual world in which multiple Members play games for incidental purposes such as leisure, socializing and exchanging information in accordance with a specific rule or game feature.

"Vawraek Gaming Account (ID)" or "Vawraek ID (ID)" (hereinafter referred to as "Account") means a combination of characters, numbers or special characters approved by the Company and selected by the Member to identify Users and utilize the gaming service.

"Vawraek Game Account Information" (hereinafter referred to as "Account Information") means the general information provided by the Member to the Company, such as member account, password and name, etc., as well as game usage information, billing status, etc.

"Character" means the game data selected and processed by the Member for the use of the game service, according to the form provided by the company in the game world.

"PASSWORD" or "password" (hereinafter referred to as "Password") means the combination of letters, numbers or special characters that the Member selects and secretly manages to ensure that the Member is the matching user of the account.

"V Coin" means the virtual payment instrument (prepaid electronic payment method) used to use or purchase various paid services and gaming services provided by the Company.

"Fee" means the purchase of "V Coin" by the Member using the payment method specified by the Company.

"Event Coins" means "V Coins" obtained without payment, including paid content acquired for each service gifted by other members and additional "V Coins" earned when payment is made, etc.

"Paid Content" means the purchase of any online content that the Member may use or own in the Game Services and on the game's Official Website, and that has certain effects or benefits for a fee.

"Posting" means all information consisting of characters, documents, images, sounds, or any combination thereof, posted on the Game Services in connection with a Member's use of the Game Services.

"Affiliate Service" means a service connected with the "Gaming Service" of the Company, i.e. a service provided by the "Provider" that is individually carried out by a third party, such as the "Gaming Service" connected with the "Company", etc.

"Place of business" means the place specified as the "place of business" in the business registration document of the business operator operating the Internet computer gaming facility business and is the place where the business operator or user is always present and conducts the actual business.

2) Except as provided in paragraph 1 above, the definition of terms used in these terms and conditions shall be conditioned on the basis of applicable laws and regulations, the terms and conditions of each service or operating policy. Otherwise, general practices shall prevail.


Article 3 (Company Information, etc.)

1) The Company posts the following items on the first screen of the gaming service or in these Terms of Service of the Gaming Services Home Page for the convenience of members. However, the Confidentiality Agreement and User Agreement can be viewed by the member through the link screen.


[Information about the Company]

Title: Vawraek Technology Inc.


[Terms of Use]

Privacy Policy

User Agreement (these terms and conditions)


Article 4 (Recognition and Modification of Conditions)

1) The Company publishes the content of this agreement on the first screen of the game service or connection screen where the user can easily understand the content of this agreement

2) The Company shall take measures to allow the member to question and answer the content of the agreement with the Company.

3) The Company shall make the content of this agreement easy to understand for a person who wants to use the gaming service and inform the member of important issues such as cancellation of membership, refund of overpayment, termination or cancellation of the contract, termination or cancellation of the company, termination of the company, compensation of the company to members, among the contents specified in these terms and conditions before obtaining the member's consent, by bold or similar effect or by a separate link screen or a pop-up window, etc., so that the member can easily understand and accept these terms and conditions.

4) The Company may change these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws and regulations.

5) If the Company intends to change these terms and conditions, the Company shall notify the member of the implementation date, the details of the change and the reason for the change at least 15 days prior to the effective date of the application, not later than the initial screen or via the link screen of an initial screen. For existing members, the terms and conditions to be changed, the application date and the reason for the change are notified by email.

6) If the Company changes the terms and conditions, after notifying the member of the revised terms and conditions, it will check whether the member agrees to apply the revised terms and conditions. If the member does not give consent or refusal within 15 days of the Company's notice, the member will be deemed to have accepted the revision, and the Company may deem the member to have accepted the revised terms and conditions if the member has no sign of refusal as of the effective date of the revised terms and conditions of service.

7) If a Member fails to agree to the application of the revised terms and conditions, the Company or the Member may terminate the Gaming Services Use Agreement.


Article 5 (Applicable Rules)

1) The Company may have separate Terms and Conditions and Operating Policies ("Operating Policies", etc.) for the Gaming Services and if the contents differ from these terms and conditions, the Operating Policy, etc. will prevail.

2) Any matter not expressly stated in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.


Article 6 (Operation Policy)

1) In order to impose the necessary conditions to implement these terms and conditions, to protect the rights and interests of members and to maintain order in the gaming world, the Company may establish the gaming service operation policy ("Operation Policy") in accordance with and under these terms and conditions.

2) The Company shall ensure that the member is informed of the details of the Operations Policy by posting it on the main page of the gaming service or by providing a link screen.

3) In case of an operational policy change that brings a significant change to the rights or obligations of a member or has the same effect as changing these terms and conditions, the procedure of Article 4 shall apply. However, if the revision of the Operational Policy relates to any of the following sub-paragraphs, it shall be notified in advance in accordance with paragraph 2.

Changes to matters selected for use in accordance with these terms and conditions and within the specific scope defined in these terms and conditions

Amendments to matters not related to the rights and obligations of members

The content of the operating policy is not materially different from that set out in these terms and conditions and changes in the operating policy are within the member's predictable range


Article 7 (Application for Use)

1) Anyone wishing to use the game service provided by the Company must accept the terms of the contract and agree to the use of the game by filling in the application form provided on the first screen of the game or on the main page of the game service.

2) The user must provide all the information requested by the company during the application.

3) The user must state his/her real name and real information during the application for use specified in paragraph 1 above. In the event that the name or credentials belong to another person or are stolen/fake, the member cannot exercise the rights of the members under these terms and the company may unilaterally terminate the Agreement without any refund.

4) This service is intended to target those aged 15 and over, therefore only those aged 15 and over may apply for use. Persons under the age limit set by the countries in which the Company provides services will be subject to Article 9 if they apply for use.

5) Gaming services provided by the Provider and the affiliated service are available only after accepting the Provider's User Agreement and Operation Policy on agreeing to provide personal information to a third party.


Article 8 (Approval and Restriction of Use Application)

1) The company shall approve the application for use as long as the company has reasonable grounds for the user to apply for use by clearly stating the real name and the actual information when it comes to the information requested by the company.

2) For an application for use that complies with any of the following subparagraphs, the company may refuse to accept the application and may cancel it even after its acceptance.

In the event that the circumstances set out in Article 7 are established

When payment for service charges is made through unauthorized use or theft of a third party's credit card, wired/wireless phone, bank account, etc,

If a member in an area where the Company already provides Quinfall gaming services with a particular provider provides access to or applies for such service through another service provider, the Company is required to impose a restriction on that member.

If a member in a region in which the company will subsequently provide Quinfall gaming services with a specific provider gives access to or applies for such service through another service provider, the company is required to impose a restriction on that member.

Application with actions prohibited by the "Personal Data Protection Law" and other relevant laws,

3) The Company may withhold approval until the justification expires if any of the following subparagraphs apply

there is no space in the Company's service vehicles or there are technical difficulties

In the event of a malfunction in the service or failure of the payment method

Furthermore, when it is difficult to approve the application for use for reasons similar to the above.


Article 9 (Consent of the Legal Representative on the Right of Use by Minors)

1) It is assumed by the Company that you have obtained the consent of your legal representative in accordance with the laws of your country of residence at the time of completion of the membership process. If a minor user wishes to use the paid game service after joining the membership, the consent of the legal representative shall be deemed to have been obtained. The Company will not refund the fee under any terms and conditions, even if the user uses the paid service without the consent of the legal representative.

2) The company will not be held liable if it is found that a minor user has registered without the authorization of a legal representative.


Article 10 (Member Account (ID) and Password)

1) The Company provides Members with an account generated by a combination of letters, numbers or special characters chosen by the Member for the protection of their information and compliance with the service user manual.

2) The Company performs various member management tasks, such as checking whether the member can use the service using their account information.

3) Members must manage their account information carefully, like a good administrator. Members are liable for damages incurred when a member neglects to manage their account information or allows it to be used by a third party.

4) The password is the user's choice and the member is responsible for password management. The member can change the password at any time for security reasons, but if the password change is requested by the company, the member must prove that he / she has requested it or send the identity document requested by the company.

5) Members should and are encouraged to change their passwords regularly.

6) For urgent security reasons, the Company may require users to change their passwords to ensure the security of user information such as account information. In this case, the user must change the password of the account to which the member has the first access after the date requested by the company.

7) Members must inform the Company about any changes made online during the membership application or any changes made to the membership by sending an e-mail or by other means. The Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from failure to inform the Company.

8) Members may not request changes to approved accounts for the duration of their use of the gaming service. However, if the Company requests the member to change their account for the following reasons, the member must respond accordingly.

If the Company needs to provide more services to users efficiently

If it needs to be integrated with other services in accordance with the Company's service operations or policies,

Otherwise, if there is a significant need to change the account in accordance with applicable laws or corporate policies,

9) Members can view and change their personal information at any time on the personal information management screen. However, it is not possible to change the real name, e-mail (ID), etc. required for service management.

10) If a Member is required to provide information to the Company pursuant to these terms and conditions, the Member must provide truthful information and is not protected against any damages resulting from the provision of false information.


Article 11 (Protection and Management of Personal Data)

1) The Company endeavors to protect the personal information of users in accordance with the "Law on the Protection of Personal Data" and related laws, including account information. The protection and use of the user's personal information will be governed by the relevant laws and regulations and the Confidentiality Agreement separately notified by the company.

2) In order to provide the promised service to the member, the company may sub-contract the use of the user's personal information to the company with which it sub-contracts the use of the user's personal information to provide services on its behalf. If the outsourcing company needs to obtain the user's personal information in the provision of services, the member must be notified and the company must manage and supervise the subcontracted outsourcing companies to ensure that they do not violate the Personal Data Protection Act and related laws.

3) After the "Company" provides personal information to the "Provider" in accordance with the Member's consent to linked sites other than the Company's official site (such as the "Provider" site, services provided by third parties, etc.), the "Provider" is obliged to protect personal information. In addition, the Confidentiality Agreement of the "Company" does not apply to the site operated and managed by the "Provider".

4) The Company is not responsible for any information, including user account information, that is revealed due to the user's fault.


Article 12 (Provision of Game Information)

1) The Company shall display the following items on the start screen of the game site or the home page of the game service for easy information of the users.

Company Name

Game Name



Production Date

Other matters deemed necessary by the Company


Article 13 (Obligations of the Company)

1) The Company is obliged to comply with laws and regulations and fulfill the rights and obligations set forth in these terms and conditions.

2) The Company shall have a security system in place to enable users to use the service securely and to protect their personal information (including payment information), and shall comply with the privacy policy.

The Company will not disclose or provide a Member's personal information to any third party, except as provided for in these terms and conditions and the personal information processing policy.

3) Unless there are unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, emergencies and technological defects and obstacles that are difficult to solve, in the event that equipment is damaged or data is lost during the improvement for continuous improvement and stable service, the company will do its best to solve the problem or restore the data without delay.

4) The Company handles customer support services (members' comments, complaints and errors, etc.) for users using the gaming services and the details are subject to the operating policy.

5) The Company endeavors to facilitate users in terms of the procedure and content of user agreements, such as the conclusion of agreements, changes to agreements and termination of agreements.


Article 14 (Obligations of Users/Members)

1) Users shall not participate in any activity that seeks or intends to do any of the following

Making false statements when submitting an application or making changes

Stealing someone's information

Behave towards third parties and other Users as if they were employees, operators or other related persons of the Company

Change the information sent by the company

Sending or mailing information (computer programs, etc.) prohibited by the Company

Making, distributing, using and advertising computer programs, devices or tools that are not provided or approved by the Company

Infringement of the Company's intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and other third parties

To undermine the reputation of the Company or other third parties and disrupt their business

Disclosing or sending information that is contrary to public order, obscene or violent speech, text, video, audio, etc.

Unlawfully acquiring game data (accounts, characters, game items, etc.) and disposing of it in exchange for its monetary value (transfer, sale, etc.) or pledging or leasing the object of the right as collateral, or obtaining benefits through such actions

Encouraging or causing a violation of Article 10

Using game services for profit, sales, advertisement, political activities, etc. without the Company's permission

Other acts prohibited by relevant laws and regulations or unacceptable in good faith and in terms of general social norms

Using the service and obtaining benefits by exploiting software bugs or vulnerabilities

Obtaining other users' items through cheating or gambling

Obtaining unfair advantages by abusing all processes related to user registration, game usage, payment refund, etc. provided by the Company and its Contracted Company

Intentionally or grossly negligently disrupting the functioning of company services

Copying, distributing or commercially using information obtained through the company's services for purposes other than the use of the services without the company's permission

2) Members are responsible for checking and observing these terms and conditions, the Operating Policy and the warnings on the Gaming Services homepage and other Company's warnings.

3) The Company, its Operating Policies, etc. may specify certain types of behavior in accordance with subparagraphs 1, 2 or any of the following items, and the User must comply with them.

Limitations on the User's nickname, account name, character name, family name and clan name

Restrictions on content and speaking methods, etc.

Restrictions on the use of the message board

Restrictions on gaming

Matters that the Company deems necessary for the operation of the game, provided that the Company does not violate the rights of other users to use the game service

4) Users are responsible for managing their account information, Users' accounts may not be used by third parties, nor may Users make their accounts available to third parties.

5) Members should not buy V Coins and Packages by stealing or stealing other people's credit cards, wired/wireless phones, bank accounts, etc. without permission. They should not buy products etc. by stealing or stealing someone else's V Coin in an unauthorized way.

6) The Member should regularly check all policies and regulations, such as the User Agreement, the Announcements on the Gaming Service Home Page or the Individual Gaming Site, and the matters set forth in the Company's Operating Policies.


Article 15 (Gaming Service and Discontinuation, etc.)

1) The Company provides the following services to Users.

Game service

Security Service

Customer Protection Services

Other related auxiliary services

Other services provided by the Company to members through additional development or partnership agreements with other companies.

2) The gaming service hours are normally open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (00:00-24:00) throughout the year.

3) Notwithstanding point 2 above, the gaming service may be unavailable for a certain period of time if it is associated with any of the following, and the company is under no obligation to provide the gaming service during this period.

Maintenance, replacement of communication equipment such as computers and periodic maintenance and when it is necessary for the operation of the game service

To respond to unexpected service variations, such as electronic attacks such as hacking, communication accidents, disruption of service facilities or abnormal gaming behavior of members

When the provision of the service is prohibited at certain times or with certain restrictions under certain laws and regulations, government and company policies.

If normal game service cannot be provided due to force majeure, such as natural disasters, emergencies, power outages, etc.

In case of necessity to intervene in the management of the company due to division of the company, merger, transfer of business, relocation of the workplace, deterioration of the annual gaming service profit, etc.

4) The Company may suspend the Gaming Service for a certain period of time once a week or once every two weeks in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 1. In this case, users will be notified at least 24 hours in advance on the splash screen or on the main page of the Game Services.

5) The Company may temporarily suspend the service without prior notice for the reasons specified in paragraph 2 of clause 3. In such cases, the Company may publish such notice on the opening screen of the game or on the main page of the Game Services.

6) The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User in connection with the use of the free services provided by the Company, in the absence of intent or material negligence on the part of the Company.

7) With regard to the use of paid services provided under a contract between the Company and the User, if, due to the Company's fault, the service is continuously suspended or faulty for more than 4 hours (in total) without prior notice, only for accounts with an ongoing contract, the service hours are extended free of charge for 3 times the suspended or faulty time, and the User cannot claim separate compensation from the Company.

However, if the period of suspension or malfunctioning of the service exceeds 10 hours due to reasons such as server maintenance performed by an agreement between the company and the member, the service time will be extended free of charge for the exceeding periods, and the user will not be able to claim separate compensation from the company.

8) In the case of Article 3, paragraphs 3 and 5, the company may suspend all gaming services according to its technical and operational needs and may notify 30 days in advance on its website and thereafter suspend the provision of gaming services. If it is unavoidable that this notice cannot be sent in advance, it may be sent at a later date.

9) If the Company terminates the Game Service in accordance with Article 8, the User shall not be entitled to claim compensation for free services and paid services with no remaining time, paid services in progress, paid items with a limited period of use. The expiration date of paid services without a limit on the period of use shall be considered the date of termination of the provision of the service.

10) Some of the gaming services provided by the Company may be provided for a fee and specific details regarding the use of paid services are subject to the Terms of Use and operating policies set by the Company.

11) The Company may require the user to install the computer program provided by the Company for the purpose of providing the service. Before the member installs the program, the Company must properly inform the user of important information depending on the nature of the program, such as the capacity, function, uninstallation method and its effect on other programs, and allow the installation of the program.


Article 16 (Modification of the Game Service and Change of Contents)

1) Users may use the game services provided by the Company in accordance with these terms and conditions, the Operation Policy and the game rules set by the Company.

2) The game world provided by the Company to its members through the game services is a virtual world created by the Company and the Company has extensive rights to create, modify, maintain and repair the game content. The content of the game service and affiliate service provided by the Company may be modified (patched) from time to time according to operational and technical needs. In this case, the company informs the user via its homepage.

3) For more information about the affiliated service provided by the company, such as the obligations of affiliated services offered by third party companies and the rights and obligations of the user, separate terms and operating policies will be set forth in the Terms and operating policies offered by the third party companies for each affiliated service (hereinafter referred to as the "Affiliated Companies Terms of Service"). When using the Connected Service, you may be asked to accept the separate Connected Terms and Conditions provided by the third party.

4) The Company may reorganize and separate the various games and related sites provided on the home page and in the game service as part of the game service. In this case, the company will actively notify users and users will receive services from the reorganized or separated sites.

5) Where deemed necessary for the operation, the Company may add, delete or modify the scheduling of the gaming service or information related to the game.


Article 17 (Management of Publications)

1) The rights and responsibilities of the user's task belong exclusively to the user and the user bears full civil and criminal liability for any infringement by the user of the intellectual property rights of third parties, such as copyrights.

2) The Company evaluates the User's posts and protects them with the best care so that they are not altered, damaged or deleted. However, the Company may, without prior notice, delete, move or reject posts that fall under any of the following subparagraphs and may take certain measures against users who post posts according to these terms and conditions and the Operation Policy.

The message contains content that is blatantly offensive or insulting to other users or third parties

The publication is about pornographic material or is linked to an explicitly sexual site

Content that violates any rights, including other intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, etc. of the Company, other users or third parties.

If the content does not comply with the posting guidelines stipulated by the company or the nature of the bulletin board

If the content is related to the sale of user accounts, game cyber items, game virtual assets, etc., it is prohibited by Company policy.

If the posting is related to hacking or incitement to hacking

Objectively recognized as linked to the crime

If the advertisement is for profit-oriented advertising

Interferes with the normal operation of the company or service

The advertisement distributes or links to content that violates public order and morality

Considering that it violates other relevant laws and regulations

3) Anyone whose legal interests are infringed by the advertisement may request the suspension or deletion of the advertisement in accordance with relevant laws and the relevant laws and procedures established by the Customer Center, and the Company shall take necessary measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


Article 18 (Collection of Information, etc.)

1) The Company may record and store all communications (hereinafter referred to as "chats"), including conversations and in-game letters between members on the Game Service. The Company may use this information when it is necessary to resolve disputes between members, to process complaints, or to maintain game order (Account theft, cash transactions, violent language, game fraud, fraudulent exploitation, other violations of existing laws and regulations, and when it is necessary to audit the Member's chat information in connection with the investigation, processing, verification, and inspection of the Member's chat information in connection with the Violation of the Terms provided for in Article 14, Paragraph 4 of Article 22 shall apply). This information is the sole property of the Company and may not be read by a third party not authorized by law.

2) The Company may collect and use information on the latest settings and characteristics of user PCs, etc. to improve the quality of the game service, such as stabilizing the operation and schedule of the game service, if consent is given by the member.

Article 19 (Copyright Ownership, etc.)

1) The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the content in the game service created by the Company shall belong exclusively to the Company. The Company only grants users the right to use games, characters, game items, game currency, cyber points, etc. in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Company in relation to the game service. Users may not dispose of them through activities such as transferring, selling or pledging collateral.

2) Users may not use the information obtained by using the game service provided by the company or the information registered as intellectual property of the company or the provider company for commercial purposes or make it available to third parties by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting or other methods without the prior consent of the owner companies,

3) The User shall allow the Company to use in-game or game-related communications, including text, images, sounds and all materials and information (hereinafter referred to as "User Content"), uploaded or transmitted by the User or any other user through a game client or game service;

Using the User content, the editing format and other transformations (publication, reproduction, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcast, creation of secondary works, etc.). To modify it in any form, without restrictions on the duration and scope of time)

The Company does not sell, rent or transfer user content for the purpose of trading without the user's consent.

4) The user's content and aspects that are not integrated with the game service but cannot be displayed in the game (for example, a general bulletin board or similar) may be exposed to search results, services and related promotions. Some of this display may be modified, cloned and edited as necessary. In such cases, the Company must comply with the content of the Copyright Law and the User may, at any time, request that it be deleted, removed from the search result, hidden or similar publications in the Customer Center or through the in-service management unit.

5) If the Company does not wish to use the member's records in any way other than items 3 and 4, the Company must obtain prior authorization by telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.

6) If the Company considers that the advertisement and the content of the advertisement within the gaming services sent or saved by a user fall into the category of prohibited activities specified in Article 14, the Company may remove them or refuse to move or save them without prior notice.

7) Members whose legal interests are violated due to information on bulletin boards operated by the Company may request the Company to delete the information or publish a retraction. In this case, the Company will immediately take the necessary action and notify the applicant.

8) Articles 3 and 4 remain in force while the Company operates the Gaming Services and will continue to apply even after the User is deactivated.


Article 20 (Advertising and Dealings with Advertisers)

1) The Company may provide users with various information that it deems necessary during the use of the game service via notification, e-mail or telephone. However, the user may refuse to receive phone calls or e-mails at any time.

2) The Company may place advertisements on the game service home page, e-mail, telephone, etc. regarding the operation of the game service. However, in case of sending by phone or e-mail, the user's prior consent is obtained and the user may opt out of receiving by phone or e-mail at any time.

3) The services provided by the Company include various forms of advertising, such as banners and links, which may be linked to pages provided by third parties.

4) If the page is linked to a page provided by a third party pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the page is not the company's domain, therefore the company cannot guarantee its reliability, stability, etc. It cannot be held liable for any damage this may cause to the user party.


Article 21 (Service for Testing Purposes)

1) Before officially commercializing a new service, the Company may beta test it for a certain period of time for users. In any case, the trial subject, period and related contents will be announced separately with the game service notice.

2) The beta service may include modification, addition or deletion of game data in order to provide a stable service. Game currency, characters and all data related to the service for testing purposes acquired by the user during the testing period may not be recoverable. Furthermore, if unexpected problems occur during the Beta service, the Company may suspend the Beta service without prior notice. However, in the event of damage to users caused by the Company's willful or serious negligence, the Company will provide compensation limited to direct damages.


Article 22 (Restriction and Suspension of Gaming Services)

1) The Company may restrict the gaming service of users according to the following categories: The specific obligation of the member not to be subject to the restriction is determined by the Operating Policy in accordance with Article 24.

Limitation of some rights of the characters: Limitation of certain rights, such as chatting with the character for a certain period of time

Restrictions on character usage: Restricting and unavailability of user characters for a certain period of time or indefinitely

Restrictions on account usage: Restricting the use of a user account for a certain period of time or permanently.

Restrictions on Membership Usage: Restricts users' use of game services for a certain period of time or permanently.

2) If the company's restriction of use is justified, the company will not individually compensate for the loss of paid content and the user's victimization due to the restriction of its use.

3) As required by the "Personal Data Protection Law" and the Executive Decree of the same law, or in order to improve the service and protect user information, the company may take the necessary actions; accounts that do not use the game for the period determined by the operating policy or longer will be categorized, their use will be restricted or account information will be deleted. In the event that any action is taken pursuant to this article, the Company will notify the User 30 days in advance of the action (subject to modification in consultation with local services).

4) In the event that the user violates the member's obligations set out in Article 14 of these Terms and Conditions, the Company may suspend the game service or terminate the use agreement by setting a specific period of time with prior notice. However, if the user violates the obligations of the users specified in Article 14, Article 1, Article 3 and Article 5 of these Terms and Conditions, or if the member causes damage to the Company with intent or material negligence, the Company has the right to suspend the use of the Game service or terminate the contract of use by setting a specific period of time without prior notice.

5) In the event of suspension or termination of the contract in accordance with Article 4, the Company shall notify the user of the reason for the cancellation in writing, by e-mail or in a similar manner, or make it available to the user on the main page of the game service. Also, in this case, the member can file an appeal by following the procedure of the homepage customer center.

6) If the company has notified the user of the reason for termination and the date of termination, but the user fails to read this information, the company will not compensate the damage that may occur.


Article 23 (Limitation on Use as a Temporary Measure)

1) The Company may suspend the account pending the completion of an investigation of any of the following matters:

If the Company has received a legitimate report that the user account has been hacked or stolen.

If there is reasonable suspicion that the user is guilty of using an illegal program or is guilty of crimes such as profiteering,

If the member's consent is required for the necessary investigation and action for problems that cannot be solved by the member himself

4.Considering that provisional measures should be taken into account for reasons similar to those listed above

2) In case number 1, the company will pay a certain amount in proportion to the duration of the game service after the investigation is completed and will extend the period of use of the game service by the user for the period of suspension. However, this does not apply in the event that the member is proven guilty in accordance with the first point and the company has no responsibility to take as a result of the user's acceptance of the investigation in cases that cannot be resolved by the user himself/herself.


Article 24 (Grounds and Procedure for Restriction of Use)

1) The Company will determine the specific grounds and procedures for restriction in its operating policy, taking into account all the circumstances, such as the content, degree, frequency and consequences of the infringing behavior, etc.

2) If the Company restricts the use as provided in Article 22, the following items will be notified by e-mail or on the first screen of the game or on the main page of the game service.

Limitation of Reason for Use

Type and duration of the use restriction

How to appeal against the restriction

Article 25 (Appeal Procedure against Restriction of Use)

1) If a user disagrees with the Company's restrictions on use, he/she must send the Company an Appeal Complaint File stating the reason for the Company's objection to the restriction of use within 15 days from the date of written submission, e-mail or similar method of notification.

2) The company that filed a complaint according to the first paragraph must respond to the member's appeal within 15 days from the date of receipt of the written submission, e-mail or similar method of notification. However, if the company has difficulty in responding within 15 days, the company shall inform the member of its reasoning and processing schedule.

3) The company must take the relevant action according to the above response.


Article 26 (Loading and Using V Coins)

1) V Coin can be collected via the payment method provided by the company. However, if there is a separate partner company providing the payment method, the member must follow the procedure offered by the partner company before using the payment method. When you pay for the company's service fee, you are deemed to have accepted the procedure and Terms of Use offered by the partner company providing the payment method.

2) V Coin can be replenished from the units provided by the company's internal policies, which may vary depending on the chosen payment method and game. In addition, the company may limit the monthly charging limit in accordance with the policy. The payment limit may be applied separately for each payment method according to the payment company's policies or government regulations.

3) V Coin is used to pay for the game and paid content; the member can check his/her payment history and usage history on the website.

4) If the content in the game service has been damaged or deleted due to a serious company error, V Coin replenishment or content restoration may be performed at the company's discretion.

5) No interest is accrued on the V Coin balance.


Article 27 (V Coin Withdrawal and Redemption)

1) Unless expressly stated in any service agreement or by law, purchases of V Coin content are final and non-refundable. Members may cancel the service at any time, but V Coins will not be refunded.

2) Items and V Coins that were not purchased through normal means but were gifted by the company, received as a gift from a different account, or earned through an event, as shown in the account history, are non-refundable.

3) If there is an error in the payment due to an error caused by the company, it can be refunded using the same payment method.

4) If a member has been banned from the game for an act or behavior that violates the user terms or the law, the V Coins in his/her account cannot be refunded.


Article 28 (Termination of Membership and Deactivation)

1) If the Member wishes to close his/her account voluntarily, hereinafter referred to as "Membership Cancellation". In the event that the Member requests Membership Cancellation, the Company shall initiate the Membership Cancellation process in accordance with the rules, after conducting the necessary review and ownership determination procedures and if it is proven that the account owner is the Member.

2) If the contract between the Company and the Member is canceled, the game service provided by the Company is canceled at the same time. Any negative situation arising from this situation (such as closing the game account, stopping the use of all items purchased or won in the game, etc.) concerns the member. The Company cannot be held responsible for this situation.

3) After the Membership Cancellation process, the user's personal information is deleted from the system as soon as possible. Personal information to be used as required by law and in cases specified in the User Agreement is excluded.

4) Once the Membership Cancellation is completed, you will not be able to get a membership again for a certain period of time.


Article 29 (Package Purchase)

1) Packages can be purchased through the payment methods specified by the Company. Members must comply with the required purchase process and are deemed to have accepted the User Agreement provided by the Company upon purchase of the package.

2) The package includes products that are available before accessing the game service and products that are available after accessing the game service. Purchases of bundles and bundle contents are final and non-refundable, unless expressly stated in any service contract or by law.


Article 30 (Compensation)

1) The Company is liable for damages incurred by users if the Company has caused damage to its users due to intent or gross negligence. However, if a user causes damage to the Company by violating these terms and conditions, the Company is obliged to indemnify them.

2) The Company shall compensate for any disruption of the paid services provided by the Company in accordance with each of the following cases, and Users may not claim individual compensation from the Company in this case.

In the event that the service is continuously suspended or incorrectly continued for more than 4 hours per day (cumulative time) without prior notice of the reason, the service hours will be extended free of charge by 3 times the lost time. Limited within the same current year.

3) Suspension or failure of the Service shall be counted after the User has notified the Company, but shall be subtracted from the total time accumulation if the Service has been suspended or failed due to force majeure (natural disasters, emergencies, insurmountable technical difficulties) or banning of users, when there is intent or negligence of the User.

4) If content purchased by the User from the Company is lost due to the Company, the Company shall restore it to the condition it was in before the loss. However, if compensation is not commercially reasonable, the Company may provide other content that can be used in the Game and the User may not claim separate compensation from the Company.


Article 31 (Limitation of Company Liability)

1) The Company is not liable if it is unable to provide services due to force majeure, such as wartime, quasi-war, natural disasters, national emergencies, technical defects that cannot be controlled to be resolved, and government policy restrictions.

2) The Company is exempt from liability if the telecommunication service provider temporarily suspends or fails to provide telecommunication services and the users suffer damages as a result, unless there is intentional or substantial negligence on the part of the Company.

3) The Company is exempted from liability in the event that the service is suspended or disabled due to unavoidable causes, which are notified in advance, such as maintenance, replacement, periodic inspection, construction, etc. of the game service facilities, unless there is no intentional or material negligence on the part of the Company.

4) The Company cannot be held liable for any corruption, suspension or termination of the game due to user-induced causes.

5) The Company cannot be held liable for any problem caused by the Company's computer environment or any problem caused by the network environment that does not involve the Company's intentional or material negligence.

6) The Company is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the User's misrepresentation and negligent management of personal information such as credentials.

7) The Company shall not be liable for any loss of characters, experience or items while using the game service, or for any unsatisfactory results of the user's use of the game service, and for any loss or damage caused by personal choice or use, unless there is intent or material negligence.

8) In the absence of intent or material negligence, the Company is exempt from liability for the loss of the user's game virtual assets (game currency), levels, etc. in-game data.

9) The Company shall not be held responsible for the reliability and accuracy of information, data, facts published or transmitted by a user or a third party on websites or game services, unless there is an intentional or significant negligence of the Company.

10) The Company is under no obligation to intervene in the event of a dispute arising through the game services or in the event of a dispute arising from a violation of the relevant laws, infringement of the rights of third parties (e.g. copyright, etc.) and the Company is not liable for any damages arising therefrom.

11) The Company shall not be held liable for damages arising from affiliate services provided by third parties, unless there is an intentional or material negligence of the Company.

12) The Company may restrict the duration of the game service depending on the nature of each game service or the status of the user according to applicable laws, government policies, etc. The Company is exempt from any liability for any matter related to the use of the game services arising from such restrictions and limitations.

13) In the case of free services among the gaming services provided by the Company, the Company shall not be liable for damages unless the Company has been willfully or materially negligent.

14) The Company shall not be held liable for any damages arising from computer error or for damages resulting from incomplete or misrepresentation of personal information and e-mail address, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the Company.

15) In the event of termination of the service contract between the user and the company due to the termination of the contract by the user or the company, the company may delete the user's account information and all related data following the termination of the contract for better service environment, etc., except that the company will keep the user's information in accordance with the relevant laws and the Confidentiality Agreement, and the company will not be responsible for any problems arising from the deletion of user account information and related data from the end of the contract.


Article 32 (Handling Complaints and Disputes)

1) The Company will provide you with guidance on how to submit opinions or complaints on the first screen of the game or on the main page of the game service. The Company carries out a separate organizational activity for comments and complaints of such users.

2) If a user's idea or complaint is considered fair, the Company will promptly address it within a reasonable period of time. However, if it takes a long time to consider it, the Company will notify users of the reason for the long consideration and the processing schedule on the main page of the gaming service or on each individual's service page, or by e-mail, telephone or other written means.

3) If a dispute arises between the Company and users and a third-party dispute settlement body organizes the dispute, the Company may fully indicate to users the measures, such as restrictions on use, and monitor the coordination of the coordinating body.

Article 33 (Notification to Members)

1) If the Company notifies a user, it may do so by e-mail as designated by the user, unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions.

2) If the Company gives notice to all users, it may do so by posting it on the main page of the Company's gaming service or on the first screen of each game for more than 7 days or through a pop-up window instead of the method specified in paragraph 1 above.


Article 34 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

1) These terms and conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Turkey. Any dispute or litigation between the Company and the User shall be governed by the laws of Turkey.

2) In the event of a dispute between the Company and the User, the court in accordance with the applicable law shall be the competent court.



Additional Article (07/09/2023)

This agreement will be effective from 07/09/2023.



Vawraek Technology Inc. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "Vawraek" or "Company") provide services (hereinafter referred to as "service"), such as gaming services and website services, whether PC, console or mobile, etc. In order to provide the services to users, the Company may store, process or, in certain cases, share the user's personal information. However, the company values the security of users' personal information and does its best to protect the personal information that users provide to use the services.


This Privacy Policy provides information about how and for what purpose the user's personal information is used and what measures are taken by the company to protect the user's personal information.


The Company's Privacy Policy may change from time to time according to changes in the laws and directives of the state or changes in the internal policy of the company. In the event that a revision is made by the Company regarding the Privacy Policy, information is provided through the website so that users can be easily informed about the change. Therefore, users are advised to check the content frequently when they visit the website.


This Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by Vawraek.



1. What Kind of Information Does Vawraek Collect and How?

The Company collects the following personal information through collection methods such as website membership registration, service usage (including mobile services), modification of membership information, phone call, fax, Player Support, event application, information collection tools supplied and created from partner companies.


1) Information Provided by the User

Vawraek collects the following information during membership registration.

- Email address (account name), password, name, date of birth.

The following information is collected during member registration with a Steam account.

- Steam ID number, Steam Username

The following information is collected when providing additional services.

- Player Support (Mandatory): Email address.

- Player Support (Preferred): Name-surname, e-mail address, date of birth, address, automatically generated information, other information required during counseling such as device identification information.

- Event/Promotion Participation Application (Preference): Name-surname, address, gender, date of birth, e-mail address.

- Gift Delivery (Mandatory): Delivery of Physical Products; Name-surname, address, mobile phone number. Delivery of Mobile/Inline Products; Mobile phone number, e-mail address.

- Notification of New Services and News (Preferred): E-mail address.

In addition, in special cases, additional personal information may be collected for the user depending on the service provided.


2) Information Collected During Service Use

The following information is automatically collected when using the Services.

- Data on your progress in the game

- Chat data, IP information, PC information (e.g. CPU type, RAM capacity, graphics card type, graphics card RAM, etc.)

- Game data and service usage data relating to interaction with other users during service use

- Error information, MAC address

- Game screenshots (in case of errors in the game client)

- Data collected through cookies and similar technologies

- Web browser information, general location data

- Advertising identity

- MAC address, HDD serial number

- Information needed to check payments



2. Why does Vawraek Collect Personal Information?

The Company collects and uses users' personal information to fulfill the following purposes.


1) Processes the data necessary to provide the service.

In order to fulfill the service provision agreement with the user, the Company processes the data necessary to fulfill the following purposes.

- In order for users to create accounts and use the services

- To operate the service

- In order to provide the products and services requested by users

- To be able to provide information about the services requested by users

- For payments for the purchase and use of paid services

- To comply with relevant laws


2) The Company collects data in order to provide a more appropriate service to users.

The Company has the right to collect and process the necessary information to achieve the following purposes in order to provide a more appropriate service to the user.

- For the improvement and development of the Company's services

- To enhance and improve the gaming experience with game service optimization

- To update and improve the user profile

- To set up and manage user-registered accounts

- To provide software updates

- To protect the user's settings and deliver content

- To respond to user questions and complaints and provide support

- To communicate notifications such as changes to the User Agreement, service errors, Player Support transactions, updates, security alerts and support messages

- To create events and promotional programs

- For the delivery of event and promotional gifts


3) The Company processes the data necessary to keep its services safe and fair.

The Company has the right to collect and process the necessary information to fulfill the following purposes so that users can benefit from the services in a safe and fair manner. Please refer to the User Agreement for the legal use policy.

- To prevent malicious and unauthorized use

- To provide services to protect the user's personal information

- To ensure a seamless gaming experience across multiple devices

- To automatically or manually allow an appropriate chat

- To find and fix bugs or service errors

- To investigate and deter disputes, fraud, illegal activities and to comply with relevant laws


4) The Company processes the data necessary to create personalized advertising.

The Company has the right to collect and process the information necessary to enable the display of personalized advertisements on the services, website and e-mail address provided by the Company. However, commercial advertising information (direct marketing information) is received only by users who have agreed to receive commercial advertising information (receive marketing information).

- To keep track of the content accessed by users in relation to the Services and online behavior

- To personalize ads in accordance with the user and provide targeted marketing and promotional offers

- To provide offers and information on services that the user may find interesting


5) The Company may analyze and classify all of the collected data for all of the aforementioned cases and purposes.

The Company has the right to collect and process the information necessary for the performance of the contract, the provision and maintenance of appropriate services and the creation of personalized advertisements. However, no personal data that the user has not agreed to provide will be used.


3. With whom does Vawraek share personal information?

The Company does not share personal information with which the user can be directly identified with a third party without the user's consent. However, in order to comply with applicable law, the Company may share personal information with third parties through an appropriate procedure when reasonably necessary to protect the important interests of the user or others, or to achieve the legitimate interests of the Company.


1) Other Users and the Public

- If the User publishes a post on the website dashboard, the post will be available to other users or the public.

- In the event that the User uses public chat within the game, the chat content will be viewed by other users.

- In the event that the User violates the User Agreement or is selected as an event winner, some game information such as the character name, clan name of the relevant user may be announced through the website and official community notifications.


2) If the user has given prior consent

- Before collecting or providing information, the user is informed about "to whom personal information is provided, what personal information is provided and for what reasons personal information is provided" and a procedure is implemented whereby the user's consent is obtained. If the user does not consent, personal information is not shared with a third party.


3) Partner Companies and Service Providers

- In order to provide a locally appropriate service, the Company may provide information to supply companies, consultants, marketing partners, research companies, other service providers or business partners in countries. In such a case, information will be provided according to the provisions of the Privacy Policy.


4) Public and Investigative Organizations

- The Company may provide data to other companies and public organizations in accordance with legal procedures to prevent fraud and illegal activities.

- The Company may provide users' data to public organizations in accordance with legal procedures in order to comply with the law or to protect the company and company employees, other rights, property and security.

- The Company may provide users' data at the request of the investigating organization in accordance with the provisions set forth in the law or in accordance with the procedures and methods set forth in the law for investigative purposes.


5) Advertising Company and Social Media

- The Company may provide information to advertising companies or social media tools (Facebook, Google, Twitter). Such companies may access the user's data and process user data according to their own Privacy Policy in order to perform their functions, such as social media interaction tools and in-game advertising. For further information on how data is processed, please refer to the companies' respective Privacy Policy.

- Facebook:

- Google:

- Twitter: 


6) Delivery Company

- For the delivery of prizes such as event prizes, the address and contact information provided by the user may be shared with cooperating companies. This data is only used for delivery purposes.


7) Payment Service Company

- Where payment of fees is required in connection with the provision of services, user data may be provided to the company providing the payment service.



4. How long does Vawraek retain and dispose of personal information?

The Company retains and uses the personal information collected in accordance with the user's consent as long as the user's membership continues. When the purpose of collecting and using the collected personal information is reached (e.g. membership cancellation request, termination of the event, etc.), the relevant information is destroyed without delay. (However, personal information is kept for 15 days after the membership cancellation request to prevent unwanted membership cancellations due to reasons such as theft of personal information and to minimize damages such as payment theft.)


However, in accordance with the data-related laws of the Republic of South Korea, the following information is retained for the period specified for the relevant reasons and cannot be used for any other purpose.


1) Reason for Retaining Information According to Relevant Laws

Law on Confidentiality of Communications

- Entry logs: 3 months

Consumer Protection Law during Electronic Commerce

- Labeling and advertising records: 6 months

- Contract or withdrawal records: 5 years

- Records of payment and supply of goods: 5 years

- Records of consumer complaints and dispute resolution: 3 years

Basic National Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law

- Account book and proof of all transactions determined by tax law: 5 years


2) Other Reasons for Retention of Personal Information within the Scope of the Company's Internal Policy

The Company may retain personal information collected for events/promotions etc. for a maximum of 1 year. However, this period may vary depending on the event/promotion, and the period of collection and use of personal information specified separately in the event/promotion will take precedence.


In addition, the company has the right to retain the following information in order to limit Steam members from obtaining items more than once by re-registering after withdrawing their membership. (This information is not personally identifiable.)

- Steam member ID number, DLC item payment information


In principle, the Company destroys personal information without delay when personal information reaches the purpose of collection and use or when the period of storage and use is exceeded. The procedure and method of destruction of personal information is as follows.


Destruction Procedure

The user's personal information is destroyed immediately after the purpose of collecting and using the relevant information has been achieved (at the end of the 15-day grace period in case of membership cancellation). However, it destroys it after keeping it for a certain period of time depending on the information protection reasons of the laws.


Destruction Method

Personal information printed on paper (print, written documents, etc.) is shredded or incinerated. Personal information saved in electronic format is permanently deleted in such a way that it cannot be restored.



5. What precautions does Vawraek take when transferring personal information abroad?

Since the Company provides services worldwide, user information may be transferred to any country and different protection laws may apply depending on the country, regardless of the user's home country. The range of laws for data protection may not be narrower or stricter than the laws in the user's region, but the company takes appropriate safeguards to protect the user's personal information depending on the applicable laws.



6. How Vawraek Protects Personal Information

To ensure the security of personal information, the Company takes and implements the following technical, administrative and physical measures to prevent loss, theft, leakage, alteration and damage to users' personal information. However, although the company has fulfilled its obligation to protect personal information, the company cannot be held responsible for the leakage of personal information due to negligence caused by the user's carelessness, such as password management negligence, or due to an accident that the company cannot intervene in.


1) Technical Measures

- The Company encrypts and stores not only the items of personal information specified by applicable laws, but also additional items.

- The Company protects important data containing personal information by encrypting file and data transmission or using security functions such as file locking function.

- The Company always conducts audits to prevent leakage or damage to the user's personal information due to hacking or computer viruses. In addition, the Company regularly backs up personal information and protects it with various security devices such as Anti-Virus program and Firewall in order to be prepared for a possible situation.

- The Company takes the necessary measures to ensure the security of the database system, which is systematically structured to process personal information.


2) Administrative Measures

The Company limits the authorization to access the user's personal information to a minimum number of persons, and the minimum number includes the following

- The person who performs direct marketing, event, Player Support, delivery works with the user (including Dispatch and partner company employees)

- The person responsible for the duty to protect personal information, including the officer responsible for the protection of personal information

- A person whose processing of personal data is unavoidable due to his/her duty


- The Company regularly conducts trainings on obligations such as the protection of personal information for personnel processing personal information and companies receiving referrals.

- The Company establishes and manages a personal information processing policy in the department responsible for the protection of personal information. In addition, the company regularly checks whether the internal rules are being implemented, and if any problems are detected, the company does its best to resolve the problem quickly.


3) Physical Measures

- The Company maintains the personal information system in which it stores personal information in a physically separate location and has established and implemented an access procedure.

- The Company protects documents and auxiliary storage devices containing personal information in a secure location with locked devices.


7. What is the Information Collected Automatically (Cookies, etc.)?

The Company uses "cookies" to find the user's information by storing it from time to time. Cookies are very small text files used to run the website and sent by the server to the user's web browser and saved on the hard disk of the user's computer. The Company uses cookies for the following purposes.


1) Purpose of Use of Cookies

It provides personalized services by analyzing the access frequency and visiting hours of members and non-members, tracking and determining the user's likes and interests, and determining the number of visits.


The Company and its analysis service providers use tracking technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags or scripts. These technologies are used to collect statistical information of users who use the company's website in general, such as trend analysis, website management and the user's use of the website. The Company may receive data in aggregate form using these technologies through analysis service providers.


2) How to Prevent Cookies from Being Saved?

The user has the right to choose whether or not to register cookies. Therefore, the user can accept all cookies, ask for permission each time, or refuse to register all cookies by setting the options through the web browser. However, if the user refuses cookies, there may be difficulties in providing some services.


In addition, the company may use various external web log analysis tools for advertising and analytics purposes and may allow online personalized advertising providers to collect behavioral data.



8. Are there any age restrictions for using the Service?

- The Company does not intentionally collect or solicit personal information from users defined by law as children (hereinafter referred to as "child users") or intentionally allow them to use the Services by sending interest-based promotions.

- However, if a child user consents to the User Agreement and becomes a member, he or she is deemed to have the consent of his or her legal representative.



9. How do I contact Vawraek?

The Company will assist the user in the fastest way possible if the user has any questions regarding the protection of his/her personal information or if he/she has a request for the solution of problems related to his/her personal information, including by contacting us via our e-mail address


In addition, users can report all complaints that arise regarding the protection of personal information while using the company's services via the e-mail address The Company will do its best to address and respond to all complaints as quickly as possible.




This Privacy Policy will be effective as of 07.09.2023.


Promotions such as announcements, special offers, special benefits and recommendations for services offered by Vawraek Technology may be provided by us. You may choose not to receive such promotions and you have the right to withdraw your choice at any time.